The Defender

The Defender



  • Category: TV series
  • Date: 21. september 2021
  • Client: Radio Television of Serbia
  • Location: Ub, Serbia


“The Defender,” an nine episode televison series is a legal suspense-drama based on high profile crimes that took place in the former Yugoslavia between 1955-1975. The episodes are based on actual events described in both attorney Oliver Injac’s book, “The Great Attorney’s Defenses,” and, Filota Fila’s book, “I Defended the Condemned to Dealth.” Additional cases tried by attorneys Veljko Guberina and Toma Fila complete the series.
Each episode searches for both truth and motives from the perspective of the defense attorney who immerse themselves inside the mind, lives and relationships of each protagonist.
The series judiciously illuminates details and circumstances on the “How” and “Why” each of the accused stood trial.